Net Shed: A simple solution to protect crops and increase yield

Reported by: BRLF Communication Team

Chakradhar Haiburu, a farmer from Aburu village nestled in the Khuntpani block of West Singhbhum, Jharkhand, faced the challenges that many farmers know all too well. The unpredictability of the weather and a series of crop failures had left him feeling disheartened. He hesitated to embrace new farming practices, clinging to traditional methods that had sustained his family for generations.

However, when the Jiwi Daah Hasa (JDH) project team visited him, they not only listened to his concerns but also offered a promising solution – the Net Shed. The idea was simple yet powerful; it would protect his crops from erratic weather and insects while conserving water. With the team’s unwavering support and training, Chakradhar embraced this innovative approach. They installed the Net Shed and introduced drip irrigation, allowing him to cultivate crops year-round. The results were astounding.

In just one rainy season, Chakradhar successfully grew two crops under the protective Net Shed, earning a substantial income of 10,000 rupees. His hopes and confidence soared, and he estimated an additional income of 15,000 rupees in the coming months. This transformation was not limited to his farm alone. Chakradhar now invests more in his children’s education, ensuring they receive a brighter future. His family’s dietary habits have improved, with more nutritious food on their plates.

Word of Chakradhar’s success has spread like wildfire, with farmers from neighbouring villages seeking his advice on the Net Shed method. His experience has prompted him to explore new farming techniques through online resources like YouTube.

As Chakradhar himself says, “I am very happy to have the Net Shed. I can now engage in agricultural activities and earn income throughout the year.” Ward Member Sushila Haiburu commended the initiative, highlighting its potential to bring more prosperity to the region and encouraged fellow farmers to adopt this practice. Chakradhar Haiburu’s story highlights the positive impact of low-cost and simple solutions like Net Shed. 

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