Knowledge Partners

BRLF is geared to emerge as a knowledge hub on Rural Livelihoods,

BRLF is geared to emerge as a knowledge hub on Rural Livelihoods, for various stakeholders including PRIs, CBOs, CSOs, Government Institutions, Private Sector and other stakeholders, particularly focusing on rural, vulnerable and tribal communities. The foundation is mandated to undertake research studies on different government programmes and schemes of Rural Livelihood to share insights from the ground and suggest reforms in the same.

BRLF understands that Public and Private Partnership (PPP) models are the need of the time as no single entity is equipped with adequate resources required to meet the demands of rural livelihoods. Whereas partnership among organizations with similar interests but different sets of expertise mutually catalyzes each other’s strengths and develops a synergy that brings distant goals pretty close and achievable.

Partnership with resource agencies also helps BRLF in pooling of resources and shared learning. With 15 partners in capacity building, BRLF has successfully started its certificate program in rural livelihoods for tribal youths of the Central Indian Tribal Region. These organizations support BRLF in administering the different modules of the course in their respective field locations. BRLF has also partnered with various resource agencies such as ACWADAM, ACT, WASSAN, PSI, PRAN, SEEDS NPM Network and Yuva Mitra for successful piloting and subsequent implementation of its flagship initiatives.

Currently, BRLF has partnered with IIHMRU (International Institute of Health Management Research University) for CPRL – Capacity Building Initiative. Both IIHMRU and BRLF will collectively certify this course.