BRLF believes in the highest standards of transparency and accountability and also ensures full compliance with them. The organization has proactively made relevant information available under the Right to Information Act – 2005, and is also subject to audit by the Controller and Auditor General (C&AG) of India. Important information such as details of the members of the General body and Executive Committee, annual reports, audited statements can easily be accessed from its website.

Below are the details of Public Information Officer and First Appellate Authority at BRLF under RTI Act 2005:

1. Name, Designation, phone number and email address of Public Information Officer:
Ms. Pratibha Aswal
Admin & HR Officer
Tel: 011 46061935
2. Name, Designation, phone number and email address of first Appellate Authority:
Mr. Kuldip Singh
Lead Programme
Tel: 011 46061935