Jharkhand Mega-watershed Project

BRLF and the state MGNREGA cell co-created the project and signed an agreement on 28th August 2020. The project will be implemented in 24 blocks with an engagement of 12 CSO partners. This would include 9 blocks of Central and North Eastern plateau region, 9 Blocks of South Eastern plateau region and 6 Blocks of Central & Western plateau region. A total of 1.9 Lakh households will be benefitted through the project. In order to realize these benefits, approximately 3 to 3.39 Lakh ha. will be treated under the project. It is also proposed to improve the cropping intensity of approximately 1.81 lakh hectares.

Major outputs of the project

A total of 678 DPRs developed by following GIS based mapping and with participatory involvement of CSOs, PRIs, MGNREGA officials and community members which will also include livelihoods plan.

Water and soil conversation structures constructed based on DPRs (number to be decided based on DPR)

Mass plantation, agro-forestry, pastureland development for Bio-mass conservation undertaken

Improved agricultural practices adopted by the small and marginal farmers

Expenditure of MGNREGA on NRM productive assets increased to 70% of total MGNREGA expenditure
PRI and SHG members of 1000 Gram Panchayats trained for effective planning and implementation of DPRs and livelihood plans

100% NRM assets linked with gainful livelihoods of vulnerable groups

Cropping intensity improved in approx. 1.50 Lakh hectare of land