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Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

I. Partner Registration
    1.How to resume partner registration once saved?
    In BRLF Website login page, please use the Partner management link in the bottom right corner of the Log in window.
    On Click, select "Resume Partner Registration". Please provide your pan card details and email id to resume partner registration.
    2. What is the quick way to upload the file?
    Ensure the accuracy and relevance of the data before compressing the file. Upload only supported file formats and restrict the file size to 5 MB.
    3. What is the difference between save and next button?
    Use "Save" to temporarily hold the data even without filling mandatory data. Use the "Next" only on filling of all mandatory data.
    On click of next, "red color" error messages will prompt you for missing mandatory data.
    4. What happens after submitting the partner registration?
    Successful submission of the form, brings up a message "Thank you for registering with BRLF" with an account activation message below.
    The activation link will be sent to the registered email ID.
    5. What if the user cannot activate the link at the time of partner registration submission?
    The activation link will expire after 24 hours of registration.
    Use the activation link sent along with the partner registration mail on expiry, to trigger a fresh activation link.
    6. What to do if the email with activation link is lost/deleted?
    You can Contact the support team to regenerate the activation link.
    7. How to proceed to proposal details after completing partner registration?
    Log in with the partner id and password. Please click on the proposal details tab, to view the already filled in partner registration details.
    Please edit if you need to update the data else click on "confirm" to proceed to proposal details.
    While clicking on confirm button if proposal details screen is not shown, then complete all the mandatory fields as per error messages and use confirm button.
    8. Form is not getting submitted even if all the data is filled.
    Please check in all tabs for any error messages shown in red color. Please fix those errors to resume form submit.
II. Proposal Management
    1.Sub-district wise participant information
    Please fill in the state district and sub district to populate other tables in the proposal form.Eg: Q8 table.
    Please download the template from the proposal form and fill in the details. Please do not make any changes in the template or titles given.
    Please ensure the proposal submission is complete (successful submission message is the indication).
    Else , please complete the proposal details (follow the error messages ie in red color) and resume.
III. Excel Upload guidelines
    1. Please make sure that the template is downloaded from the system and the titles / Budget heads remain the same in the given format undisturbed.
    2. In case of deviation in the template formats, the system will not allow the user to upload.
    3. Sl. Nos are given as 1,1.1,1.2 and 2 ,2.1,2.2 etc. Please follow the same format.
    4. Please enter text in "Unit" , budget sub head columns and numbers in the other columns.
    5. Please fill in blank values with "0".
    6. Please fill subtotal only from column "F" (Total Budget).
    7. Please enter subtotal and grand total, never leave it blank.
    8. If you have no data for a particular budget head, please don't delete it.Keep a row with Nil or NA as budget sub head and fill "0" in other columns.
    9. User can add row/delete row below a particular budget head but please ensure a row is not kept blank below a particular budget head.
    10. In budget summary sheet , please don't delete an extra row between each table and heading. The user needs to fill in the data inside the table.
    11. The number of years in the budget sheet and the duration of the project should be same .
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